Musings on the Digital Revolution in Education

Veritasium_logocgp greySo, being a high school teacher, I couldn’t help but notice that there has been an enormous push in the past few years in the direction of using more digital technologies in the classroom. The occasion for this particular post has to do with YouTube – there are two conflicting hypotheses about the significance of digital technologies in education from two people that I follow for their fantastic educational YouTube channels: CGP GREY and Veritasium. Both of these educators realize the power of educational video (at least, I’d like to assume that their not just in it for the money). While CGP GREY thinks that it will revolutionize education, however, Veritasium thinks that it’s just another step in the evolution of education. Only time will tell who is right. I tend to side with Veritasium on this one, if only out of nostalgia… and possibly self-preservation (as of the writing of this post, I have about 20 years left until I can think about retiring).

Anyone who says that technology isn’t useful in education need only look as far as the printing press to realize his error. Time will tell if the digital revolution will have as profound an impact; so far, the real-world revolutions have been pretty profound. Instantaneous communications technologies have already both brought down governments and allowed for the surveillance of law-abiding citizens. We’ll see what happens to classroom education.


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